The Coffee Project

the coffee project 1

One Sunday afternoon, me and my husband decided to use our remaining GC from All Homes store in Starmall Alabang. After completing our shopping list, we became curious of the coffee shop across the All Homes store at the 4th level of the mall (All Homes occupies several levels of the malls). The name of the coffee shop was “The Coffee Project.”

the coffee project 2

The first on our sniff test is, of course, the price. Hubby went inside first to check the price. I went in too when he said it’s cheaper than popular coffee shops. While he was busy at the counter, I was busy looking around. It exuded serenity. Books on the shelves, comfortable chairs and couches, pillows everywhere, and a quiet crowd (which is uncommon these days at other popular coffee shops). I like the feeling that it gives, and there was space between customers, so you don’t overhear other tables’ conversation much. The noise coming from blenders was not that too loud to bother customers.

the coffee project 3

After looking at the menu, we decided to try the dark chocolate frappe amounting to 150 php for a venti (cheaper than our usual coffee). One sip was enough for us to decide that we both love it. We lingered awhile at the coffee shop because the music and ambiance were both relaxing. My hubby would hum along to the acoustic, 90’s alternative playlist, while I’d flip through pages of a book I’d find on a bookshelf. If you’ve ever been to Starmall Alabang, you would know how crowded and loud the lower levels of the mall are. So discovering a quiet place like this in the middle of the crowded mall was really a good find for us, knowing that once we got out of the mall, we would be welcomed by the busy streets of Alabang.

the coffee project 4

So if you love coffee and you happen to be in the area, give this place a try.

the coffee project 5


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