Coco Hut (Fried Chicken & Fish)


If you ever stumble across Coco Hut, you might notice that it has a very close resemblance to Army Navy: from the posters on the wall to the aluminum plates that the food is served in. That’s because Coco Hut is the sister company of Army Navy. So expect the same quality in food and service if you try it out.

Where the two restaurants differ is obviously the cuisine. Whereas Army Navy serves American burgers and Mexican burritos, you’ll instead find a variety of common Filipino foods at Coco Hut, including fried bangus, monggo, and palabok. If you’re not feeling adventurous they also serve spaghetti and fried chicken (price is based on the part of the chicken). When I tried it my first time, I had the Chicken Adobo Flakes while my wife had the Poor Man’s Fish. Our beverage was the Teamarind (sic).

The Adobo Flakes was 165 Php and came with a sunny side up egg, achara, and rice topped with garlic and chicken oil. The Adobo Flakes were good, but my wife and I agreed that the rice was too wet/sticky/gooey. I’m sure you’d concur, a breakfast dish like this goes best with garlic rice. Maybe they’ll change this in the future, but right now that was our main complaint.

My wife had the Poor Man’s Fish (galunggong) for 175 Php. It came with with a pre-made sawsawan and, to my pleasant surprise, a yummy side dish of Coco Squash. The squash is sautéed in garlic and onion and mixed with coconut milk. They recommend smothering your rice with it. It’s not a typical Filipino dish, but it worked well with what we had. For the main dish, my wife said the galunggong could have been more crunchy.

The Teamarind is a tamarind flavored iced tea and cost 75 Php for a large cup. Although it’s an unusual flavor for a beverage, it actually tasted pretty good. If you’re a fan of Wendy’s iced tea, you’ll probably like it. I personally prefer Army Navy’s iced tea brew, which has a bitter tea aftertaste.

Coco Hut doesn’t add anything new to the table. But if you’re in BGC and crave for Filipino fast food, you might want to try it out. You’ll find the atmosphere familiar if you’re a frequent customer of Army Navy. I would recommend the Coco Squash and the Teamarind.

Coco Hut is located at:
2nd Floor BGC Stopover
331 St. Cor. 2nd Ave and Rizal Drive. Bonifacio Global City Taguig City


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