Zark’s Burger – Venice Piazza

[Quick disclaimer: I’ve only been to two Zark’s branches: Taft and McKinley.  So I will only refer to these two branches in this post. Enjoy]


My wife and I used to frequent Zark’s burger on Taft Ave when we were dating. We fell in love with their greasy burgers and felt that their meals were a bargain. Their burger names are also quite humorous.  For example, their famous Tombstone is a two pound cheeseburger, and if you finish it within 10 minutes they’ll frame your picture on their wall of fame and get a free t-shirt.  If you finish their Jawbreaker, a triple cheeseburger with spam and bacon, within five minutes it’s on the house. These burgers may kill you on the spot,  but what can you expect from something  that tastes so good.


Their major league burgers come with fries and iced tea, while you’ll need to add 30 pesos for their minor league burgers to get the same.  And believe me,  it’s worth it. Most burger joints will give you a burger for 200 bucks and you have to pay for your fries and drinks separately. Zark’s can give you both for 30 pesos,  a steal!


After trying different variants,  my wife and I settled on the Zark’s Ultimate burger for her,  and the Jackhammer for me. Their burgers are spectacular,  but once you find your “true love,”  it feels wrong to taste anything else.

Zark's Ultimate Burger

My wife loves bacon.  And she loves mushrooms. So she naturally gravitated towards the Zark’s Ultimate Burger,  a quarter pounder with lettuce, sautéed mushrooms,  and bacon. I’d say it’s one of their best sellers.  What else could you want in a burger? This thing fell under the minor league,  so the burger cost 140 pesos,  and we threw in 30 pesos more for fries and iced tea.

Open Jackhammer

I love bacon too,  but I love cheese more.  The Jawbreaker is a mozzarella and cheddar cheese infused burger.  Ugh,  my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Out of all the burgers I tried at Zark’s,  this one was made for me. The Jawbreaker is categorized as a major league burger. This one will set you back 205 pesos, but it automatically includes fries and drinks.


Few things you may want to know.  You’ll need to pay a small premium of 15 to 20 pesos per meal at the Zark’s located at McKinley’s Venice Piazza,  compared to Taft. It’s also inaccessible by public transportation (from what I know,  please correct me if I’m wrong). If you have a car,  you can park at Venice Piazza for 40 pesos or on the side streets for 30 pesos (first four hours).


With that said,  it’s far less crowded than the other branches and you’ll have a far better time walking around Venice Piazza than Taft. Serving time was quicker (especially since we went on a weekend).


Personally,  I love Zark’s (Taft). I think it wins based on value-for-money and the fact that it’s among the few restaurants that embraces its greasiness. I love the food and always look forward to my next trip back.  If you like burgers,  give it a shot.  If you’re a health freak, you may want to pass on this one.


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