Banchetto – Pioneer


Traffic in Metro Manila seems to be getting worse. As much as we want to cook our meals every night, sometimes after being stuck in traffic for two hours (from Ayala to Boni), it’s much easier to just eat out every now and then. On the way home, my husband mentioned that there is Banchetto at Pioneer. We love doing spontaneous and new things and since we enjoyed our Mercato experience at BGC and Ayala,  we wanted to give Pioneer Banchetto a try.


I was excited as we walked to Banchetto and reciting my usual order to my husband which includes, Isaw and buko juice. Upon reaching the place, we saw several people coming from nearby offices. Aside from food stalls, there are tables scattered around for dine-in customers.


The first thing we did was roam around. I noticed that the Mercato in BGC has more choices than Pioneer. I didn’t see my usual fresh buko juice stall. After walking around, we decided to order at the pasta stall. I’m not usually a fan of white sauce pasta but the presentation was good that I decided to give it a try. We also ordered lasagna for my brother. Pasta is 120 php per order. They also have pizza at that stall. We haven’t seen a pasta/pizza stall at BGC Mercato so it was a good call by my husband to try it.


There are several stalls selling ulam from laing to bagnet. There’s also a shawarma stall if that’s your craving. And like all the Mercato we visited, there’s a stall devoted to sweets like cakes. I was not craving for sweets so I decided to skipped it and went directly to ihawan.


My husband volunteered to go to “ihawan” to order isaw while I waited for the pasta. The price of isaw was the same as that of BGC – P35 per piece (3 for P100). This was one of the stalls with a long line aside from the fruit shakes and fried chicken stalls (hot shot style).  The ihawan stall also includes other choices such as betamax, hotdog, porkchop, and other internal organs :p Altho the price was the same, IMO, I prefer the way BGC cooked its inihaw, it’s well cooked. Pioneer made me feel like it was raw.  To be fair, their sawsawan was good. There’s a hint of sweetness and spice that I like.


One of the things you should know is that you don’t really save money on Banchetto. Just because it’s being sold at stalls doesn’t make the price of food cheap. Prices are comparable to other fastfood/resto. For one, I asked my brother if he liked the lasagna amounting to 120 php and he said he would prefer Greenwich lasagna (which I think is cheaper). Overall, what I like about this banchetto is the proximity to our house and the chance to try new food. Maybe I would still go here whenever I have an isaw craving but I would definitely request to cook it well. But if proximity is not a factor, I will choose to go to BGC mercato anytime.

Banchetto opens at 8:30 pm and stays open until 6:00 a.m.


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