Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flamed Grilled Chicken

My wife and I wanted to try out a restaurant near our place called Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flamed Grilled Chicken because they were advertising a Black Burger.  How revolting…ly interesting! I first heard of the Black Burger when it was being promoted at Burger King – Japan. The BK black cheeseburger contained a black bun and black sauce made with bamboo charcoal and black cheese made with squid ink. I’ve been craving for it since I heard it existed.

I’m not sure what kept us from Eduardo’s for so long,  but our patience was awarded when we discovered it on Metrodeal (P500 voucher for only P299).  We bought the voucher and used it after two days.

My wife and I ordered the All Black Quarter Pound Angus Beef Burger,  the Half Slab Baby Back Ribs,  French Fries,  Dark Chocolate Frosty,  and a Thai Iced Tea.


All Black Quarter Pound Angus Beef Burger (P149 ala carte; P189 w/ fries and drinks)
Unlike BK’s Black Burger, what defined Eduardo’s all black burger was it’s black bun.  Everything else was normal (no black cheese of special black sauce). But the patty was dripping with juice. Mmm. As for the taste, it wasn’t all that different from the other burgers I’ve tasted. The blackness is mainly for aesthetic purposes. Overall, I would recommend this for the experience.


Baby Back Ribs (half slab P149; whole slab P269)
I know what you’re thinking – –  only P150 pesos for a half slab of ribs? But do take note that their half slab only has 3 ribs. This is not going to make you full. With that said,  it was better than I was expecting.  As with any good ribs,  the meat easily comes off the bone.


French Fries (P40 REG; 60 Large)
Nothing too special about the fries. It’s oily. It’s something you can forego.


Dark Chocolate Frosty (P79)
My wife and I liked this drink. She thinks it’s made with Magnolia’s dark chocolate flavoring.  For P80 bucks,  you won’t be disappointed.


Thai Iced Tea (P79)
As I said in a previous blog post,  I’m a fan of Army Navy’s iced tea and I can never get enough lemon grass iced tea. I wanted to see if Eduardo’s can topple either of those. Thai Iced Tea usually contains sweetened condensed milk or half-and-half based on the recipes I saw online. But the drink I received was like 50% condensed milk.  It was very very very sweet. It drowned out any hint of the tea.  You can pass on this beverage.

Next time my wife and I go back,  I’ll try their grilled chicken. But I can say that I’m definitely going back for more black burger!


Some important restriction if you buy a Metrodeal voucher for the SM Light branch – –  it’s only usable from 2pm to 6pm on non-holidays. Also they’ll only allow you to purchase food items ala carte. Keep that in mind if you decide to buy a voucher for yourself.


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