Elbert’s Steak Room

While not steak-obsessed, my wife and I are fans of steak. So it was a pleasant surprised when we received a gift certificate to Elbert’s Steak Room for our wedding. And we were only able to use it during the APEC summit last November 2015.

IMG_20151118_115425 (2)

Elbert’s steak room is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Makati. The floor size of the dining area of the restaurant is roughly 60 square meters and it’s located on the second floor of what you would probably have assumed was a small apartment or a tucked away office. But don’t get me wrong, the restaurant is as fine as you could get. You’ve got leather couches to recline on before or after a meal, your choice of exquisite wine, and a pleasant view of H.V. Dela Costa. The use of wood and incandescent lighting made you feel right at home (or if you’re poor, someone else’s home).IMG_20151118_121207 (2)

My wife and I went during lunch time and ordered off their lunch menu. While they had a wide variety of choices of food, including sandwiches and pastas, my wife and I were there for the steak! Their lunch menu had three types:

  • Queen’s Cut: 1/2-3/4 inch ribeye (P1,200)
  • English Cuts: 3 thin slices (P1,400)
  • King’s Cut: 3/4 inch to 1 inch (P1,600)

Our first time there, I had the King’s Cut and my wife had the English Cuts. I made the mistake of ordering mine rare, as the thick slab was mostly raw in the middle and did not suit my taste. My wife had hers well done, and it came out much better in my opinion.IMG_20151118_121225 (2)

The lunch set came with the usual bread, salad/soup, dessert, and coffee. It was all very pleasant and what you’d expect from a classy restaurant. The servers were kind and attentive. Unfortunately we were meeting my parents after the lunch, so my wife and I were a bit rushed with our coffee and dessert. Not my first choice for a steak house, but it was still quite a treat.IMG_20151118_124414 (2)


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