Shawarma Bros

Time to catch up to some blogging! So my wife and I’ve been to a few places around BGC because she sometimes times-out late and it’s hard to still cook and eat at home. One of my favorite places to eat is Shawarma Bros at the Stopover on Rizal Drive.


Shawarma Bros started out as a food truck (which will sometimes make an appearing in the parking lot), and eventually found itself a permanent home in BGC. Since I lived in Q.C. for a few years, I sometimes crave for Mr. Kebab or Grilled Tomato. While a bit more expensive, Shawarma Bros was a fine alternative that I embraced immediately.


You’re faced with the usual choices at a Persian restaurants: rice or wrap; beef, chicken, or lamb. They also offer a burrito as another alternative (fusion food?). You can also choose the sauce (garlic sour cream, spicy tomato, or cheese), and unlike The Halal Guys, they’ll give you extra sauce if you ask nicely. You can choose to have a side of Keema if you’re very hungry. Once you order they’ll give you one of those vibrating numbers so you know when your food is ready.


I always order the Beef Shawarma Rice Meal. It comes with Biryani rice and chopped up onion and tomatoes. You can also get a delicious iced tea to go along with it.


My wife usually gets the Beef Shawarma Wrap Meal which is a wrap with beef, onions, and tomatoes inside of it.

Shawarma Bros may not live up to the likes of Mr. Kebab or other Persian Restaurants, but if you’re looking for Persian fast food in BGC, this is the place.



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