Pound by Todd English

Pound by Todd English is a fancy new burger restaurant on Bonifacio High Street. They introduced themselves with a great (though risky!) promo where you #PayWhatYouWant for any of their burgers. They only have four burgers to choose from, but it’s perfect for indecisive people like myself! They have a fifth burger, but it’s P999 pesos and not part of the promotion (it has foie gras).

The promotion was five days long, from February 5 to 10. My wife and I heard about the promo, but when we dropped by around 8PM on February 10, the crowd surrounding Pound was massive and the line incredibly long. We decided it wasn’t for us and went somewhere else that night.

But one of my wife’s well connected friends found out that the promo was extended until Thursday (today!) for people with the Booky App. My wife and her colleagues quickly downloaded the app on their phones and registered for the free week membership. They went to Pound yesterday for lunch. My wife sent me a photo of the Amsterdam Burger she ordered and her initial impression (and mine as well) was that the burger was dinky! It looked delicious, but the P280 price tag didn’t seem worth it for the small size. So I was surprised when a minute later, she messaged me saying that her burger was “really yummy” and “not dry” and “Weeee.” When she offered to take me there tomorrow I knew it was probably the best burgers on earth. My wife isn’t a huge burger fan (though I’m slowly making her one), so when she offered to go back I knew it had to be good. And today I was not disappointed.

We were one of the first customers that morning (excited much?) mainly because Chay was still working a full day at the office while I decided to take the morning off. The restaurant was absolutely empty, which is quite a sight since lots of people have been posting about it. We were seated at a small table in the back of the restaurant and ordered our food. I was quite nervous because I couldn’t find any indication online or offline that the #PayWhatYouWant promo was still ongoing. But once our food arrived and once I took a big bite out of my burger, I stopped caring about the price and just enjoyed the mouthful of meat and bread that I was masticating. Time stood still. It was glorious.


I took my wife’s advice and ordered the Amsterdam Burger, which consists of a beef patty, fried onion, pastrami, gruyere, sauerkraut, mustard relish, T.E. sauce, and a toasted homemade brouche bun. They also ask you how cooked you want your burger. I’m not a big fan of raw-ish meat, so I got mine medium-well. But even when it’s been thoroughly cooked, it was one of the juiciest burgers I’ve ever had. The flavors are hard to describe but take my word for it, it’s amazing. Much better than what you’d find at a typical burger chain like Wham! Burger, Brothers Burger, or Zark’s.


Since my wife felt like the Amsterdam Burger was heavy, she had the Todd English Crispy Chicken Sliders (2 mini burgers), which consists of T.E. sweet spice, crispy pickled slaw, cilantro aioli, and a brioche bun. While we were ready to be disappointed by the portion, we were suprised that the small bun was bursting with ingredients. It literally couldn’t fit on the bun.


We also ordered an iced tea (tamarind flavored?) and parmesan fries. The iced tea didn’t come in a very big glass and the fries were just okay. I would probably pass on those items when we come back.

When we got our bill we showed them our Booky App and they went back to get a new bill. They separated the bill for the fries and drink where we paid the full price, and gave us a separate bill for the burgers and were told to #PayWhatWeWant. I’ll leave to your imagination what we decided to pay. But just to share what the experience was like, you have the actual cost of the burger and a waitress standing nearby. They indirectly put a lot of pressure on you to be generous, or at least leave a very good tip.

The promo ends today (Febraury 18) so you better go quickly! Just remember to sign up for the Booky App before you go. Enjoy!


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