Narra Hill

My wife and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary at Narra Hill. It’s located on the outskirts of Batangas very near to Tagaytay. The kubo we stayed in was what I’d imagine my house would look like if I built one on the side of a mountain. Amazing view, surrounded by nature, and secluded from society. It’s a perfect honeymoon spot.


Speaking of which, we found out upon arrival that the place was actually a wedding venue. Narra Hill has a lagoon, bridge, waterfall, courtyard, bar area, and a pavilion for the reception. To get an idea, here’s a link to their photo gallery < >. I would tease my wife that if we were to remarry, I would have chosen Narra Hill as the venue.


Our bedroom was the newly wed’s suite, away from the other kubos. It’s called the balcony room because it has a sweeping view of the Laurel area, and in the distance you can see Taal lake and the volcano. We had a four post bed that had a mosquito net, with a sink and freshly picked flowers (nice touch!). The bathroom was small but well decorated. And they removed the usual types of distractions that you usually encounter at a bed and breakfast (e.g. TV and internet).

Our check-in was at 2pm and we had preordered dinner when we first booked on AirBNB < >. You are encouraged to order your dinner from them as the place is relatively far from the food strips (it’s between Twin Lakes and Breakfast at Antonios). Their food is homemade with fresh ingredients from the market. And because of this, they encourage you to choose your food before arriving to give them time to go to the market. And you can taste the difference. My wife and I ordered the following set menu:

Zucchini with Parmesan
Squash Soup
Thai Shrimp Curry
Vegetables in Season (carrots and baguio beans)
Cassava Cake
Herbal Tea


While we had clear skies upon our arrival, it started raining late in the afternoon. It was drizzling when they deliveerd the food to our room. They set up the balcony as our dining room, where we can enjoy our surroundings. Their plates were wrapped in saran wrap to avoid getting wet, unlike our server was drenched from the rain. The food was very good and their servings more than enough. My wife and I both had leftovers, even though I usually have a big appetite.


One small annoyance (and this is unavoidable) is that the bugs and bees swarmed the balcony during our outdoor meal. They were drawn to us by the light, which is typical, so I felt like it was a small inconvenience. But those bees are frightening. At the same time, we should also be thoughtful of the dwindling bee population. Either way, the mosquito net was a big welcome.

The next morning we woke up to a foggy Tagaytay (my favorite type of Tagaytay). Low hanging clouds were enveloping the surrounding mountains and the air was refreshing and cool. Since it was still drizzling and the balcony was still wet, they set up a table inside our bedroom and served us breakfast there. They covered our table with bread, pineapple, chicken, rice, baked eggs with tomato and green peppers, and brewed coffee (locally harvested Barako coffee beans). My wife told me after that she enjoyed the breakfast (free!) more than the dinner.DSC_2488


Checkout was at noon, but we had already packed our stuff by 10am. We weren’t rushing to leave, conversely, we had fallen in love with the place. After checking out we walked the grounds again as a way of saying goodbye. The owner, Tita Chian, met us to say hello and got feedback on our stay. She told us about the area and how it was becoming a popular wedding venue. “Every weekend is booked,” she’d tell us like a proud mom. “It’s best to come on a weekday when there’s no one else around.” And I totally agree with her. Here’s one last picture to entice you to visit:



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