Tim Ho Wan


“The only thing you should order at Tim Ho Wan is their Pork Bun.” I heard it from everybody. I thought they were teasing or at least half joking, but when my wife and I tried it on a random Friday afternoon, we agreed with them. Just order the Pork Bun. Really.


Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin Star cantonese restaurant made famous in Hong Kong. So it’s quite common to see a devastatingly long queue outside of one (at Megamall or Glorietta). The hype still hasn’t died down even after being open for several months. Fortunately for my wife and me, we didn’t have to wait in line as we went on a weekday around 5 p.m..


The menu is one big placard with 30 items or so. They have everything you’d expect to see at a dim sum restaurant, a variety of dumplings, vermicelli rolls, bean curd products, and other steamed foods. My wife and I weren’t that hungry, so we decided to treat it like a heavy merienda. We ordered the pork bun, prawn dumplings (hakou), vermicelli roll with beef, and stir fried noodles.


Don’t order the stir fried noodles. We ordered it because we wanted a rice substitute, but we both regretted it when we had our first bite. It’s bland and unappetizing. The hakou was better, the vermicelli roll was alright. I’m going to be honest and say that so far it was pretty disappointing. For such a popular restaurant, the food was underwhelming. And then the pork bun came. It’s sooooo good. It’s deep fried and contains sweet pork BBQ. It tasted like a dessert. The closest thing I can compare to it is a freshly baked bun from a Taiwan-style bakery, but instead of pork floss or custard it’s filled with a rich, sweetened pork BBQ.

So yeah, the only thing you should order at Tim Ho Wan is their Pork Bun.



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