Tower Ground Bulalohan

“Look at our photos when we were just dating”. I looked at the photo my husband was showing and smiled at him.  “We were not dating then. We were just friends that time.”

So what’s the connection to our trip today? Nothing. It’s just a long drive and would sometimes makes me feel nostalgic.

I looked at my cellphone and it’s still early for us to check in to our reservation or eat our lunch. It’s just around 10 am when we reached Tagaytay. We made a stop at Ayala Mall along the way to grab condensed milk as I forgot to bring one for our strawberries.

The Ayala mall is small and refreshing. It reminded me of the open-air mall in Taiwan, both are not using airconditioning but still not that hot. We went around and found a daiso. My addiction to pandas made me never want to let go of the panda flower pot, which my husband said, “go ahead let’s buy it. That’s my Valentine’s gift for you.”


 It made me smile and feel how amazing my husband is. Haven’t I told you that this trip was for our one year wedding anniversary? We left the mall and headed for our next stop – bulalo. Tagaytay is not complete without eating bulalo. But instead of going to a fancy restaurant, we decided to stop at Tower Ground bulalo house. Since it’s just Friday, there were few people in the area compared to the usual crowded parking during weekends. We were escorted to the restaurant’s best spot where the view is breathtaking. We could see the Taal volcano (the real one, If you know what I mean :p) and lots of birds flying around. Too bad the sun was so bright that we were not able to get a good photo of the view. But if you want to try the strip of bulalohan around that area, choose Tower Ground because it offers the best view.




We ordered a bulalo good for two, 2 cups of rice, 2 pieces of mangoes, and 2 buko still in the shell. Our bill totalled P555 – not bad.


The soup of bulalo is very good. We decided we liked it immediately. It was served boiling hot and you can make your sauce with calamansi, chili, vinegar, soysauce, and fishsauce- whatever combination you like. The meat however is a little hard but they have a knife to help you cut it. But I think it would be better if the meat was softer . But since we came for the bulalo (bone marrow), we still enjoyed our order.


The mangoes were sour but the server asked before we ordered if we still wanna get mangoes since what they had was not very ripe. The buko on the otherhand are super refreshing, minus the fact that it was not served very cold. They served the drink with a spoon on the side. After you are done sipping the juice, you can scoop out the buko meat and ours were super soft. In Fililipino, we call this type of buko “mala-uhog” for the obvious similarity to the slimy thing in your nose when you have colds. We ended our lunch and decided to go straight to our destination. We were supposed to spend time in Twin Lakes as we were still two hours early to our check-in but we took our chance that maybe they will let us in or if not we can tour around the area first. Afterall what’s the best thing to do after eating a lot? Sleep of course! See you at our destination. I should have mentioned will be staying at Narra Hill.



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