8-Cuts Burger Blend

This is a story of giving second chance. Have you experienced meeting someone for the first time and deciding you didn’t like that person? But then circumstances made you meet again but this time you saw this person in a different light and decided he/she was not bad afterall? That’s my story only that it’s not with the person but with this burger chain.


After giving birth, one of the difficult things to do is to find time to date your husband. So after attending a  family lunch in Quezon City, we decided to go on a date nearby our place in the south.

From QC, it took us two hours to reach Alabang Town Center (ATC). At first, we wanted to go to Press Cafe but we decided it would be better to try something we haven’t tried before. My condition to my husband was I want something salty. He suggested 8 Cuts Burger Blend since he hadn’t tried that before. I once tried it in BGC but I have to admit I was not impressed my first time there. I agreed since my husband loves burgers and I wanted him to experience it himself.


We went there around 4 pm so there were few customers around (only 3 tables were occupied at that time). My husband ordered the happy hour promo consisting of cheese burger no. 3 (1/4 patty), skinny fries, and iced tea. Since I love bacon and mushroom, I ended up getting a baconshroom burger (no brainer for me).


They first served us two glasses of water, iced tea, and skinny fries. We started digging into the fries while they were still hot (and crunchy). What I like about it was that it’s not oily nor too salty. It’s just about right. But I went there for the burger so I don’t want to make a big deal about the fries. Then came our burgers.


We always try to order differently whenever we go to a restaurant so we could get to try atleast two kinds of dishes from their menu. I did my usual sniff test to my baconshroom burger. Patty looked normal, burger size was not intimidating, and when I cut the burger in half, I was surprised that it was less oily than other burgers I’ve tried. When it comes to the taste, I was surprised with the bun as it was buttered and so tasty and soft like it’s just been baked. I also noticed the roasted mushroom, which added texture to the burger. The burger can stand on its own even without ketchup and that says a lot for me. I was also surprised that the bacon on my burger was not as greesy. It made me feel less guilty for eating a burger after having high blood pressure right after my pregnancy. Overall, for the taste, 8 cuts impressed me more now than my first experience trying it. I was thinking what I ordered on my first visit but I could not remember (that’s how much I didn’t enjoy it). Either I ordered the wrong burger or I was not in the mood to eat that day. After finishing half of my burger, I reluctantly gave the remaining half to my husband in exchange for his cheeseburger even though he was raving about how good it was.


It was not oily like my burger and also not dry. I don’t like dry patty burgers because it makes me feel like I’m munching on fake burgers. The tomatoes and onions were fresh too. But unlike my baconshroom burger, I had to put ketchup to appreciate it. Although it was not so bad, I liked my order more than my husband’s. When it comes to price, I think it’s a little more pricey compared to other burger chain. The happy hour promo amounted to 250 php (cheeseburger+fries+iced tea) while my baconshoom was 255 php for ala carte.

I would also like to commend 8 cuts ATC for the good service they gave us. They handed us tissue when they saw that we used up the remaining tissue on our table even without us asking for it. They also served us water when they saw that we already emptied our glasses even without us calling them. But note that they have few customers that time so the quality of their service might be different during peak hours (hopefully not!).


This was our first official date without our baby with us after giving birth and I could say it was successful. The burgers were good, service was great, and they did not make us wait for our orders (or our bill when we checked out). Just when I was about to sign my bill, my sister called to inform me that my baby started crying. Perfect timing to head back to my sister’s stall in ATC to fetch my baby. Not bad at all for our first date ^_^


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