Mozaic Living

“You should meet us there,”  my sister messaged me. “Mozaic. It’s a furniture store/coffee shop.”


She was referring to Mozaic Living, a bespoke furniture store with its own specialty coffee shop in Mandaluyong City.  It’s tucked away in the industrial zone between Edsa and Kapitolyo. Driving on Sheridan Street, you wouldn’t think the building housed a furniture shop, let alone a place where you could get coffee.  It’s a hidden treasure of Mandaluyong City that you’ll only find out about via word of mouth.


The place itself is relatively bare, with groups of custom made furniture scattered around a pale white room.  When you round the corner of the main entrance you’ll see a table 10-feet long in the middle of the room and a counter that represents the coffee shop.  You can sit on any of the couches that are on display (except the one on the second floor ledge), so you can sip from your coffee or nibble on your sandwich on a couch as if you were at home.  They don’t serve fraps, so there are no whirring blenders to distract you. And when they serve you coffee, it goes along with a small cup of water. It’s a great place to meet a friend and talk for hours (as my sister and her friend were doing).


Their menu is short, but you’ll appreciate the limited choices because their beverages, sandwiches and desserts are top-notch. Since I was only picking up my sister (who was with her husband and friend) I was only able to order a drink. I had an iced mocha (to offset the noon-time heat). It was really good! What separates their mocha from other coffee shops is that they added chips of chocolate from a chocolate bar. It was a pleasant surprise for what I thought would be just another coffee shop. My only regret was not finding this place sooner, especially given that it was minutes away from my old home.


You can see samples of their furniture on their website, which are cool and unique.





7 Sheridan St., Mandaluyong City • Monday to Saturday 9AM-9PM • 02 634-5954 • 02


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