Steam Yard

​Steam Yard is a relatively new specialty coffee shop that opened near Muntinlupa Municipal Hall. They source their coffee from local farmers and do the whole specialty coffee thing. Aeropress – check. Hario V60 – check. Woodneck – check. Cold brew – check. You’ll appreciate it if you’re an amateur coffee connoisseur like I am. And if your taste is traditional, you can cling to the familiarity of Espresso, Americano, Latte, and Cappacino. Even if you have no interest in the different manners in which coffee can be brewed, you can still appreciate the shop as a place to relax and while away the afternoon while Bob Marley plays on the record player. 

Apart from coffee, they sell pastries and offer a small selection of lunch meals. And what makes the shop totally unqiue is that the back half is a clothing-accessory-stationary-toy shop. Yeah, Steam Yard is a smörgåsbord of affordable, millennial, hipster merchandise. The customers when my wife and I dropped by were high school and college aged kids. I felt old.

It was noon when my wife and I made our visit, so we ordered food. She had the Pandan Liempo with an Iced Cappuccino, while I had the Pasta Balognese (yeah, I’m boring) with a Red Eye Cold Brew. “What’s a red eye cold brew,” you may be wondering. You make a cold brew by seeping ground coffee from a filter in a pitcher or water and leaving it in your fridge overnight. At least that’s how I make my cold brew. The red eye is a shot of espresso that you add to the cold brew to make your drink more potent. Eight hours later and I’m still feeling the tingly effects.

We’ll definitely go back. I believe in the concept and I hope they succeed. I would love to see more shops like this. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll support them by purchasing one of their statement shirts claiming that coffee is life. Or maybe I’ll just stick to their coffee. 


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